๐ŸงจVEXT - Powered By Veloce

VEXT is an ERC-20 token built on top of an existing gaming and sports media company - Veloce Media Group (Veloce).

VEXT allows holders to interact with various GameFi products within the Veloce ecosystem.

The dApp itself is a gaming ecosystem where a holder can utilise VEXT within various games to maximise their VEXT holdings or experience Web3 gaming, to become a valuable user with special access to limited ecosystem services.

The VEXT ecosystem completes Veloce's transformation into a community-owned and led organisation where the VEXT holder is empowered to influence and govern key decentralised assets within the Veloce brand.

  • Be the first example of community owned sports teams and networks where everybody wins.

  • Build an ecosystem advanced enough to bring e-sports drivers onto the real track with our sim racing game, RACINO.

  • Empower the next generation of fandom among gamers and motorsport enthusiasts by implementing the VEXT Progressive Ownership Model (VEXT POM), which is comprised of VEXT Revenue Sharing, wallet referral, Ecosystem usage, and other campaigns that will eventually drive the community of VEXT holders towards becoming a DAO.

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