Our revised tokenomics are designed purposefully to drive:

  1. Rewards to our community for their contributions and participation in the VEXT ecosystem.

  2. Democratization of the governance and direction of the Veloce brand.

  3. Development of market-leading products, intellectual property (IP), partnerships, and scalability for VEXT and the Veloce community.

This is demonstrated through our commitment to serving the community with utility through the following allocations (68.5% total):

โ€ข Treasury (20%) - for enabling strong liquidity and managing redistribution of token sinks.

โ€ข Community (20%) โ€“ for incentivising and rewarding community participation in the governance and gaming ecosystem of the Veloce brand

โ€ข Ecosystem & Utility (9%) โ€“ for continuous development of the ecosystem and its products for the community.

โ€ข Strategic Partnerships (19.5%) โ€“ for expanding the VEXT network, developing IP, and onboarding new partners and users to the community.

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